Romantic Dinner

Ignite romance with our Romantic Dinner offer at IDR 3,500,000 Nett per couple. Enjoy a six-course dinner in a special flower-decorated venue, featuring a complimentary bottle of wine. Create lasting memories in this intimate setting designed for a perfect evening with your loved one.

Sunset Cocktails

Indulge in the enchantment of twilight at Bambootel Sawah View, where every evening becomes a celebration for our cherished in-house guests. From 5pm to 6pm, the resort offers a gracious invitation to unwind with a complimentary glass of our signature sunset cocktail. Whether you choose to recline by the infinity pool, bask in the warmth of the resort's lush gardens, or find solace on your private terrace, the breathtaking hues of the setting sun will be accompanied by the subtle notes of a handcrafted cocktail. This daily ritual is our way of expressing gratitude for choosing Bambootel as your haven, ensuring that each evening becomes a serene and memorable moment as you savor the beauty of the Balinese sunset with a touch of refined luxury.

Barbecue Dinner

Spend memorable Saturday nights at Maniq Restaurant with our BBQ Dinner, an exquisite blend of grilled delights and live acoustic melodies. Indulge in a delectable barbecue feast, culminating in a sweet finale with marshmallow dessert, all heightened by the captivating ambiance of live acoustic music. It's a Saturday soirée where culinary excellence and harmonious tunes converge for an unforgettable evening of delight at Bambootel.

Cooking Class

Bambootel Sawah View offers a culinary adventure with our immersive Cooking Class. Led by our expert chef, the experience begins with a explanation of the ingredients. The culinary journey continues with a hands-on cooking lesson from 12pm to 2:30pm, crafting a delectable lunch menu featuring soup, a main dish, and dessert. This unique class offers guests the chance to master the secrets of authentic Balinese cuisine, creating not just a meal but a lasting connection to the rich flavors of the island.

Lunch Picnic

Get yourself in-tune with the rhythm of Bali with our Lunch Picnic at the rice terrace. Traverse the picturesque rice fields, savoring a leisurely meal akin to the farmer's midday break. Delight in the simplicity of life amidst the lush greenery, capturing the essence of how locals relish their time in the rice fields. This unique picnic experience allows you to not only explore the breathtaking landscape but also to connect with the unhurried pace and genuine joy that defines the farmer's life in this idyllic setting.

Virgin Coconut Oil-Making

Discover the art of crafting virgin coconut oil in Taro Village with Bambootel Luxury Boutique Resort's immersive activity. Engage with locals, witness the traditional process, and gain a firsthand connection to the age-old traditions behind this cherished elixir.

Explore Maniktawang Village

Get to know the vibrant tapestry of local life with our extended village walk. Explore and learn more about farming, bone carving, and Balinese compounds, then discover the serenity of a waterfall before returning to the sanctuary of the resort. It's a brief yet enriching journey, capturing the essence of Bali's traditions and natural beauty.

Morning Walks

Embark on the daily Morning Walk at Bambootel Sawah View, running from 8am. to 9am. All guests, sporting the distinctive bambootel hat and armed with a bamboo stick, are treated to a scenic stroll through rice fields and the village. Before setting off, a guide provides essential safety briefings and shares insights into Balinese farming, temples, and culture. This immersive experience offers a glimpse into the island's traditions, concluding with a refreshing touch – a complimentary bottle of fresh juice for each participant. The Morning Walk seamlessly combines wellness, nature, and cultural discovery in a condensed yet enriching hour.

Ancient Destination Tour

Be prepared to be in awe by our Ancient Destination Tour, venturing into the historical wonders of the Tampaksiring area. Discover the enigmatic beauty of Pegulingan and Mengening Temples, where the echoes of ancient stories resonate through the intricate details. Dive into the profound history of Gunung Kawi Temple, delving into its rich cultural significance. This tour promises a fascinating exploration of Bali's ancient past, offering glimpses into the mysteries that have shaped the island's heritage, all within the tranquil embrace of Tampaksiring.

Full Day Tour

Go on a personalized adventure with our Full Day Tour, where you dictate the day's journey. Tailor your exploration by selecting from a myriad of destinations, all within the generous timeframe of eight hours. Whether it's immersing yourself in cultural landmarks, uncovering natural wonders, or discovering hidden gems, the choice is yours. This bespoke full-day tour ensures a rich and varied experience, allowing you to craft your own narrative as you explore the diverse beauty that Bali has to offer.

Canang-Making in Balinese Attire

Immerse yourself in the cultural tapestry of Bali with a unique and enriching experience at Bambootel Sawah View. From 4pm to 5pm daily, our esteemed in-house guests are invited to partake in the age-old tradition of canang (offering)-making. Enveloped in the serene ambiance of our resort, adorned in traditional Balinese wardrobe, guests can join this hands-on activity, creating intricate canang – a form of devotion woven into the fabric of Balinese spirituality. Under the guidance of knowledgeable hosts, you'll discover the artistry behind these symbolic offerings, each element carefully chosen to convey gratitude and harmony. This cultural immersion not only deepens your connection to the local heritage but also creates cherished memories as you contribute to the rich traditions of the island, all within the idyllic surroundings of Bambootel Luxury Boutique Resort.

Balinese Cultural Dinner

Join us on a cultural odyssey every Thursday at Maniq Restaurant as we invite you to our enchanting Balinese Cultural Dinner at 7pm. Immerse yourself in the rich traditions of Bali as the evening unfolds with a mesmerizing Balinese dance performance, including Pendet, Baris Tunggal, Cendrawasih and Joged dance, weaving tales of the island's vibrant heritage. Relish a delectable Balinese set menu, where each dish is a harmonious symphony of flavors, crafted to transport your taste buds on a culinary journey through the heart of Bali. This captivating evening promises not just a feast for the palate but a celebration of the island's cultural richness, making Thursday nights at Bambootel an immersive and unforgettable experience.

Silver Crafting

Explore the art of silver craftsmanship with Bambootel Sawah View's Silver-Crafting activity. Engage with skilled artisans, witnessing and participating in the meticulous process of crafting unique silver pieces. This hands-on encounter offers a meaningful connection to the age-old traditions that define the art of silver smithing.

Melukat (Purification Ritual)

Experience Melukat, a Balinese purification ritual and ancient tradition that offers a cleansing ceremony to purify the mind, body, and soul. Immerse yourself in sacred waters for a transformative experience, connecting with Bali's profound spirituality within the tranquil embrace of our resort.

Morning Water Meditation

Awaken your spirit with the serene Morning Water Meditation at Mengening Temple, commencing at 7 am. Inspired by the sacred Balinese holiday, Banyu Pinaruh, this tranquil experience invites you to partake in a ritual of purification and self-reflection. As the first light graces the temple grounds, immerse yourself in the essence of Banyu Pinaruh, where the Balinese words "banyu" (water) and "pinaruh" (knowledge) come together to create a profound journey. In the hushed tranquility of the early morning, embrace the timeless tradition of Banyu Pinaruh, allowing the sacred waters and the introspective atmosphere of Mengening Temple to guide you toward a mindful start to the day.

Palm Sugar-Making

Learn about the age-old art of crafting palm sugar in Taro Village with Bambootel Sawah View's immersive activity. Engage with locals, witness the traditional process, and gain firsthand insight into the meticulous steps behind this exquisite product.

Movie Screening

Embark on a cinematic journey at Bambootel Sawah View, where our enchanting villas transforms into a movie haven. At 7pm, as the sun sets and the evening unfolds, guests can relish a delectable dinner while being immersed in the captivating world of cinema. A carefully selected movie graces the screen, enhancing the dining experience with the perfect blend of gastronomy and storytelling. Whether you savor your meal against the backdrop of a romantic comedy or an epic adventure, the special movie screening provides a unique and enchanting ambiance.
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